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Website Penalty?

Is my website penalised?

Do you wonder if your business website has been dropped from the search engines, maybe even blacklisted completely?

Have you heard that Googles algorithm changes so often and is supposed to be getting better all the time, but still notice that spammy or low quality websites are ranking above yours? How the hell can that happen, right?

Are you sure which search engine journals and websites are the best sources for quality information? You know what will still work to increase web visitors and yet will also ensure the longevity of your site? Give me a call or send me a chat message to find out more.

Do you consider that SEO's are one step up from snake oil salesmen promising the world but asking you to pay hundreds or often thousands of pounds for a piece of content like a single commercial video, an infographic campaign, "viral" promotions, huffington post links or other "secret ranking voodoo." You'd like to believe that after their conjuring tricks all their wildest claims will come true. If only it were that easy.

The thing is, how much could a foreign call centre cold caller really know about your business and your marketplace? I know Staffordshire because I live here too. Or perhaps you are waiting for the next email from a random person with an off-sounding name offering you all manner of 50 strong team/php/joomla etc etc.....

Don't be led astray to put your web presence at risk of a Google Penalty. There are many paths to seo and the avoidance of severe penalties, but in essence there are 3 main types which I can explain simply if we work together, but first off if you really have been hit by one you will know it by the lack of enquiries the site is generating, and you may google your own business to see where it is.

Your site is your home and shop window on the world wide web, and just like in real life, when you have work done on your home, you will get the best results on your completed project by entrusting any improvements to an established local professional with good references and the time and good attitude to consult with you about your plans. Is the best way to reach your ideal to be choosing one of the cheap offers that randomly knocks on your door?

You see there are some basic foundations you need in place, both on your actual site pages and off your site that will help to sow the seeds of trust and relevancy, which are at the heart of what Google, Bing and Yahoo actually want in terms of the signals a site is sending.

Once the basics are covered, which I'll explain to you for free, then your web visitors start to grow further and new enquiries flourish.

As this happens the search engines turn their spotlight towards you and your work as they recognise that more people are finding your site. They then move your website even higher.

The more customers you get, the higher you rank. The higher you rank, the more customers you get. It's a virtuous circle that continues as long as you want to maintain it.

Top positions in Google bring in more than just large revenue boosts - they can give you a certain substance, financial security and even a little prestige that is hard to match.

There can only ever be one person at Number 1. Will that be you or one of your competitors? Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.