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  • What has to be included on websites today which 80% of web design companies miss out?
  • How reverse engineering the internet marketing of a competitor website will help you to leapfrog over them?
  • Why you need to consider the long game with search engine optimisation?
  • When is the best time to start an seo campaign or engage with a Staffordshire Marketing Agency?

Are Staffordshire Businesses Investing in Online Marketing?

Changing patterns of consumer and B2B spending show that the UK has one of the highest online purchasing ratios in Europe and more than 76% of this population are online every day.

You need to be where they are looking. 

For the most part, and growing every day, that is on mobile.

You will need a mobile responsive website design, so that your site content is visible on both smartphones or tablet devices.  

As your chosen website developer I make sure that any or all of your websites are built that way.    

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What this means is that if you aren’t optimised for mobile traffic, for people researching a business on the move – just like you do with your own phone, then you will be missing out. 

I’ve seen it time and again where a company has had a website built, or built it themselves, even as recently as 2016 that isn’t viewable on the business owners Android or iOS devices.  The text is so tiny as to be unreadable, or they expect their potential customers to swipe their way around everything to see any of the pictures.

Having Flash content to show moving images or video media also won’t work so your visitors back arrow away to find your competitors websites instead.

We can get web development fixes like this done in a matter of days or hours depending on your site size.

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Website Design Staffordshire

We aim to build, rebuild or re-launch a web site that exceeds expectations. The architecture of your website will be redeveloped and set up correctly. It will just plain work.

We use WordPress as a Content Management System because it’s the world’s most popular choice for a website platform.  Once it’s built it’s easy for you to keep updated by yourself or an in-house or external marketing consultant can advise you ;-). If you have used a word processor such as Word you can use WordPress. It’s that easy.

Before we begin work we will do a full seo audit of any existing websites you own, so that we can craft you what might be required for a new one, or what needs adding in to make it work better.  Using an advertising agency to target Facebook or Google Ads at your site without thinking through whether it is set up to make the most of these ad visitors could be an expensive mistake.

You can get a free audit by clicking the image below.

seo staffordshire

WordPress Web Developer

I know that using WordPress could save you thousands over time too, as I’ve had clients that have come to me after mistreatment by other web developers. Any of these familiar?

  • Being locked into a contract where any changes have to go through the developer and they veto them all. Whose website is it again?
  • The web designer actually owns your domains and makes things very difficult when you want to move them to your own account?
  • Being billed £400 to change a couple of prices on a single webpage?
  • Being sold a “custom website” for £5figures that was a basic template outsourced to India. Ouch!
  • Going AWOL and not answering emails?
  • Keep sending invoices for “maintenance”, even if they do nothing each month other than send their invoice for “maintenance”. #Rantover

There’s a lot of new rogues in this business, so you need to look a bit deeper than the superficial sales patter all about white hat this and Google Partner that.  Quite a few aren’t who or what they claim to be. Some aren’t in Stoke on Trent or even the UK, but make out they are.  If they are dishonest about something as basic as that, why would you trust anything else they say?

I would rather point you in the direction of where you need to be and what you need to be doing, for free on a call, than try to close you hard into an seo contract or web development project if I don’t think that it will be the best use of your time and money.

I don’t work with hundreds of clients, nor do I want to or need to.

This is a small consultancy where you get 1 to 1 time with someone who understands direct response copywriting, website design and development for lead generation and also the buyer psychology of marketing online.

I keep a handful of successful clients and I like it like that. When a company owner retires or emigrates then I have space for other projects.

I designed my first website in DreamWeaver nearly two decades ago and I’ve worked in and with a lot of businesses since then.

As a qualified therapist and coach I also understand that your business is part of your overall life and by maximising what it can produce you could be experiencing many positive benefits within your life as a whole.

I also know that when things aren’t going as well in terms of your company visibility or enquiries, or other company websites have elbowed their way into your territory, that it can cause quite a bit of stress and overthinking.

With me you can proceed forward with a bespoke tailored design and a strategy that is unique to you and your particular business.  Once we put this in place this will give you more enquiries for what you do without you getting bogged down in trying to build a website yourself or spending hours each evening reading up on backlinks and blogging and all the other things you’ve heard about that you’re supposed to be doing.

Some of it is needed, some of it isn’t. It depends on the stage your company is at.

I’ll guide you on which is best for your business.

What would you like to have happen?  >>Let’s see if we can work well together<<

Trackable ROI

Allocating marketing budgets into unknown and seemingly technical areas can be disconcerting to those whose expertise is in traditional media advertising, television and radio spots or trade shows.

Working with you as your marketing consultant I can bring a lot of expertise to your organisation having studied the work of Perry Marshall, Ryan Deiss, Bryony Thomas and Colin Theriot among many others.

Online search marketing campaigns can be configured to track very fine details which will be analysed and used to quickly enable the scaling up of winning strategies and the scaling down of poor performers.

Partners in Progress

We aim to help you create an increase in buying customers, using a mix of advanced marketing methods such as customer avatar verification, buying cycle analysis, sales funnel development & CRO.  (OK, I admit this is geekspeak but some of my visitors will know what this means and will want it implemented into their own businesses.)

Full Media Broadcasting

Your brand mentions, both those originating from you, from press, social media and from customers can help or hinder you online. Taking a proactive stance in managing your messaging is key.  You need to be found in the right places online and offline so your potential customers can get interested in your business.

The distribution of a full spectrum content marketing calendar using a variety of mediums (text, images, video, audio) needs careful planning to ensure that your customers are reached at the right time for them in the buying cycle.  Has this reached you at the right time? Considering a website optimisation project? See, this stuff works.

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